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"The best new subscription box, period! Subscription boxes have completely changed me because they typically introduce me to products I would never find on my own. I knew I was getting pads, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a teabag, socks, pain patches, a face mask, a facial mask and lip balm (because I’m always misplacing my lip balm) and more.  Period subscription boxes are a convenient way to stay stocked up without stepping out!"

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How it works

Here are the steps

1. Create an account with us by clicking the log-in button at the top right corner.

2.View our online store. Choose the right box for you or pick out some items. 

3. Once you are happy with your order, place your order. We have several payment options;

  • Sand Dollar

  • Cash N Go

  • Kanoo

  • Cash on Delivery 

4. We will WhatsApp you using the phone number you provided in your account to confirm your order and to get directions.

5. Take photos and videos of your order and tag us on social media, #mnabahamas!


Mother Nature's Assistance Unboxing with Ruby

Hey Beauty!

Mother Nature's Assistance is a monthly feminine care subscription service. We offer both traditional and organic period care products. 

What sets us apart from other subscription boxes is that we offer experience promotions in every box! 

What is experience promotion?

EPs are exclusive deals we've collected for our beauties. These can be anything from a discounted yogi class or free products and events. 

We aim to sell as many Bahamian products as we can. By supporting our small subscription business, you are in turn supporting many other Bahamian companies. 

Choose one of the subscription boxes below to get started, or build your own by clicking  Build My Box. For more information click the Whatsapp Us button.


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New Providence, Bahamas

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