10 Tips to Stop Period Cramps!

Are you experiencing terrible period cramps or Dysmenorrhea? Dysmenorrhea is a term used to describe painful period cramps. Period cramps occur in the lower abdominal muscles, just before or during menstruation. Here are a few ways that may help.

  1. Drink enough water. Drinking water is not only good for your skin. It also helps with bloating, which then helps with period pains. The folks at Geniani suggest this.

  2. Get plenty of rest. During your period days, aim to get a bit more rest than usual. To help you get in the sleepy mood. Light a candle, dim the lights, or listen to ocean sounds on YouTube.

  3. Drink herbal teas. Teas like peppermint and Naturally Bahamian's Feminini Tea help to relax the muscles that cause cramping. Drink a cup, with honey for added natural sweetest.

  4. Use a heating patch. Applying a Heating Patch to your abdominal area can help relax the muscle and in turn, stop your cramps.

  5. Take Over The Counter Meds. Medications like ibuprofen are known to have fast period pain relief. It is important to consult a doctor before use and to follow their instructions.

  6. Exercise. We know this is the complete opposite of what we suggested in number 2 but, exercising can release hormones that make you feel good. Try, taking a walk around your house, for a dip

  7. Consume less sugar. Sugar causes inflammation which has a domino effect on your period. We know that during your period you may have a craven for sweets and candies. Except for chocolate. Chocolate during your period can be a natural pain killer. The folks at Theperiodblog.com agree.

  8. Take a bath. Melt the pain away with a soothing bath. Add your favorite bubble and bath soaks to add an extra layer of relaxation. Make it a spa night! Tie your hair up with a head wrap, apply your favorite spa facial mask or under-eye mask, and listen to relaxing music on YouTube.

  9. Talk to your doctor. Always consult your doctor if you think something may be wrong, or you aren't getting enough pain relief from anything on this list.

  10. Order your period supplies online. Although the act of purchasing online doesn't eliminate your period cramps, not having to leave your house does. We all have that one position we find ourselves in when we have cramps (shown in the photo). Shopping online with companies like Mother Nature's Assistance and saving you time and headache. So that you can just focus on feeling better, sooner.


We as women have many options for dealing with and controlling dysmenorrhea (period pain). From drinking more water, exercising, getting more rest to talking to your doctor. The next time you are in pain, try doing this on this list.

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