5 Reasons Why You Should Track Your Period

Welcome to womanhood! You've gotten your period, or have had it for a while now. Nonetheless, it is important to keep track of your menstruation cycle. Why? Here are 5 reasons why you should track your period.

  1. You'll learn your period cycle. Everyone's period is different, some only lasting 2-3 days. You should get familiar with your cycle. The average period lasts 3-4 days.

  2. You can predict your ovulation cycle. This is especially important for you if you want a child. Tracking your period can predict the best time to try for one.

  3. Your period is a sign of good health. Having your period on a regular basis is a sign that your body is functioning. If you are experiencing a missed period. It may not be due to pregnancy. If this occurs, consult your doctor immediately.

  4. It can teach you about your sex drive. Have you ever noticed that you are more aroused before, during, or just after your period? That is because our period releases different hormones that can cause sexual arouse.

  5. You can understand your moods. No, we are not talking about PMS. Women can experience mood changes due to their periods. Common moods are; anxiety, affectionate, and irritability.

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