5 Things You Need During Your Period

It is not enough to just get through your period. Enjoy it! Here are 5 things you need during your period.

  1. Pads and/or tampons: This one is a no brainer. CLICK HERE to read the pros and cons of both.

  2. Pain reliever: Whether it's abdominal cramps, headaches or lower back pains, you need pain reliever. CLICK HERE to take a fun quiz to help you decide what pain reliever is best for you.

  3. Feminine wipes: You need to keep your vagina clean. Feminine wipes are great for this task.

  4. Travel Pouch: Life doesn't stop when you are on your period. Get yourself a pouch filled with everything you need during your period. MNA Pro Tip: Include an extra set of clothing and underwear. Keep this pouch in your car, school bag, etc.

  5. A Gift: Yes beauty, you deserve a gift every time your period comes around.

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