How to get rid of Bloodstains


It's bad enough that we must go through our menstrual cycle routinely. But we draw the line at bloodstains! How many more comfy underwears must we discard because of our period? How many favorite outfits and bedsheets have been lost to our feminine cycle? We have had enough! Here are a few ways to handle period bloodstains.


1 . Cold Water

For fresh stains

2 . Cold Water + White Vinegar

3 . Cold Water + Salt

4 . Cold Water +Detergent

5 . Cold Water +Baking Soda

6 . Cold Water + Lemon Juice

For tough stains | white vinegar gets rid of blood orders

7 . Cold Water + Hand Soap

8 . Hydrogen Peroxide

For tough stains | do not use on delicate fabrics; approved for white fabrics

9 . Enzymes

For washing about treatment

10 . Unseasoned Meat Tenderizer

It breaks down the fibers in blood. | old dry blood

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