How it all started

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

In August of 2019, Jariska drove home late after her college classes to her surprise her period came down. Once at home she realized that she was completely out of sanitary napkins. At that time there wasn’t a company that delivered feminine care products to your front door. She knew that she must not have been the only female to go through this. On September 9th, 2019 (2:26 pm) Jariska sown the first-ever MNA Pouch.

The Pouches included baby wipes, overnight pads, daytime pads, tampons, and chocolate bars. Jariska began selling these pouches to UB students. She would go class to class to talk about her service and post flyers in th

e ladies ‘ restrooms.

Today Jariska, alongside

her sister Terrea, launched the company, traded the pouches in for boxes. Their goal is to get ladies of all ages to love their periods and never go without.

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