Let's Party!

You’ve spent days or weeks planning the perfect party and then boom Mother Nature appears. The blood, cramps and bloating makes you want to cancel all plans and stay home in bed. Do not let Mother Nature ruin your plans, continue reading so you can gain tips on how to party on despite pesky Mother Nature.


Dress for the occasion

Start by first deciding whether you are more comfortable using a pad or tampon? The night of the party is not the time to try a new sanitary option. Use your normal / typical item whether that is pad, tampon or diva cup.

Next ensure that you are wearing your dedicated period underwear. These underwear should be breathable comfortable and stain resistant. We recommend a pair of period panties to ensure full coverage.

Then select your outfit. If you are experiencing cramping stray away from tight fitting pants or any clothing which will be right around your stomach. Ensure that you dress to allow your body to be warm as during your period your body tends to feel weaker and hence colder, especially on the first day of your period.

Bring on the Mocktails

It is not advisable to drink on your period. Alcohol can increase the production of the hormones estrogen and testosterone which can increase PMS symptoms, such as, mood swings and irritability.

Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it increases urination and can cause dehydration. And being dehydrated can make cramps worse.

Avoid drinks with caffeine as this can lead to headaches, water retention and bloating.

A party can be fun without alcohol. Try a Mocktail or flavored sparkling water.


Bring on the food

Avoid salty food as salt can cause severe bloating and add to your discomfort.

Salmon, dark chocolate oatmeal and eggs are all recommended to consume while on your period. These foods helps to lessen the effects of PMS symptoms.


Dance Party

Exercise helps to ease cramps, decrease PMS symptoms and enhance your mood. So with that in mind, go on the dance floor and let loose to your favorite song.


MNA Pro Tip: Regular exercise helps to limits cramps and regulate periods.

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