Pads or Tampons? The Pros & Cons of Both

For all our beauties that use Pads and/or Tampons, we have written a list of the pros and cons. We want all of our beauties to know the facts before choosing the right sanitary napkin for them. Check it out!




Travel Size: Tampons are fit in your purse and back pocket. Making them easy to travel with.

More Difficult: Tampons are to be inserted. The best way to do this is to squat. Unlike pads, that go over your underwear.

Swimming: Unlike pads, you won't have to worry about your tampon moving around while you swim.

May Cause Irritation: Tampons may or may not irritate your vagina. Especially on the first attempt.

Invisibility: Tampons are inserted, meaning they are discreet. Wear those leggings! No one will know.

Risk of TSS: Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that is naturally found in a female's body.

No Smell: Because the tampon is inside you rather than outside, there is little to no small.

No Change Indicator: There are no clear signs on when you should change your tampon. It is basically a guessing game. Professionals suggest changing your tampons every 3-4 hours.

Underwear Freedom: You can wear any type of underwear you like. Thongs, briefs, G-Strings, Boy short, etc.

Leakage: If you don't use the correct size you are at risk of bleeding through your underwear.

Sleeping: Professionals would not recommend the use of tampons during sleep. As mentioned before, tampons should be changed every 3-4 hours.




Better for Heavy Days: Pads are easier to change out during heavy period days. You can see when the pad is full and needs changing.

Can't Swim: You might think twice about going for a swim on your period. Pads may move around during your swim.

Easy to Use: Because pads go over the underwear, it is effortless to use over tampons.

Not Discreet: Maybe skip those leggings this week. Sometimes your pad shows.

Lower Risk of TSS: Toxic Shock Syndrome can still occur, but your risks are lower when you use pads.

Move Around: Your pad can move out of place. Causing bleed to leak through your underwear.

Travel Size: You can fit most pads in your purse.

Smell: Because the pad is outside the body, it can sometimes smell.

Messy: The clean-up after pad use can be a bit messy sometimes.

Underwear Choice: You can't wear thongs or just any type of underwear. You need underwear with enough space for the pad to grip on.

Let us know below which to prefer. Did this article change your mind about using pads or tampons? What should we talk about next? Leave your answers below.