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Hey Beauty, we’ve all been there: Your monthly cycle starts, and you go to reach for your trusty stash of tampons or pads, only to find that you forgot to re-stock. When you’re dealing with cramps, bloating, breakouts and fatigue, the last thing you want to worry about is running to the store to buy these essentials. A period subscription box is a great solution for your time of the month, delivering organic or traditional tampons and pads, self-care and spa products, healthy snacks and sweets perfect for your cravings, and even underwear right to your door. Mother Nature's Assistance lets you customize exactly what you need, when you want it, and sometimes even include a few extra surprises.

Each month, women around the world are enjoying the convenience of period subscription boxes. Finally, sisters Jariska and Terrea bring this option to The Bahamas. Mother Nature's Assistance offers period subscription boxes that make your time of the month easier and better overall. With these monthly boxes of period must haves, you can stay home in your sweatpants and enjoy a little bit of pampering and self-care from the comfort of your couch.

We provide a seamless way to receive all of your feminine care essentials (like tampons, pads, wipes, pain relievers, etc.) right to your door every month. Our period boxes contains the exact ratio of tampons and or pads you would need each month. MNA Bahamas' monthly subscriptions ensure that you’ll never run low on your preferred period and feminine care products.


Whether you're too embarrassed to purchase products, unable for medical reasons, purchasing for the entire household, or simply too busy to remember until it's too late, we'll be here, with free delivery*, so you won't have to worry. This is what Jariska (our founder) wanted when she too ran out of pads. She channeled that frustration into building this company, alongside her sister Terrea. Together, we aim to change the way you think about your period.

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*Free Delivery only applies to Beauties living in New Providence at the time of placing the order.

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