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Travel Safe

You purchased your ticket, booked your hotel, arranged your time off from work, sorted out boarding for your pets and are ready to go on your vacation. Before you head to the airport read this article for tips to remain COVID-19 free while traveling to your destination.

Globally, we are still in a fight against Covid-19, before you travel:

  • Get vaccinated against COVID-19

  • Consider if you are eligible for the booster shot

  • Know your status by getting tested for COVID-19

  • Check the current COVID-19 situation at your destination

  • If you are at high risk or feel unwell do not travel

  • Check with the airline of any restrictions or mandates.

  • Learn the local law of your destination approach to COVID-19 including proper mask wearing, proof of vaccination, testing, or quarantine requirements.


You have ensured that you are healthy, vaccinated against COVID-19 and knowledgable about the local COVID-19 requirements, during your travel:

  • Always wear a mask. N95 is the preferred mask.

  • Carry personal hand sanitizer and wipes

  • Remain flexible - circumstances can change overnight. The destination country may incur additional COVID-19 outbreak. Change your travel plan if the risk of coronavirus infection is high or you start to feel unwell

  • Maintain constant checks on travel restrictions

  • Avoid close contact with other travelers

  • Wash hands often with soap and water

  • Avoid touching your face


Here at Mother Nature’s Assistance we understand the urge to travel and want o ensure that our beauties remain safe during travel. We carry the Wander smart kit which is a travel pack that includes Face mask, Sanitizing wipes, Seat pocket liner, Tray cover and Head rest cover. Purchase your kit using the link below.

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